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1 br Ediger- Eller Apartment

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Property Type:  Apartment

Bed/Bath:  1 / 1

Sleeps:  2

Pets:  No

Smoking:  No

Rental Rates:

$137 - $137 per night

$810 - $810 per week

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LLAG Luxury Vacation Apartment in Ediger - 753 sqft, historic, spacious, sauna (# 2077)

5-star vacation house on the Mosel in the historic wine village Ediger. Double bed, kitchen, bath with shower, two stories. Luxurious appointments!, key advantages: historic, spacious, sauna, Quality: rated with 5 DTV star(s), 1 living/family room with dining area, , fully equipped kitchen, upgraded interiors, clean, well furnished, spacious design, very comfortable, makes you feel at home, bright and inviting, The unit is conveniently located directly in the center and downtown area of Ediger, There is also additional street parking available for this object,
5 star cottage in the historic wine town on the Mosel Ediger

Those wanting to treat themselves in the holiday special, which is in our newly created "house wine" just right. Here in the romantic and quiet village of Ediger originated from an historic stone building in which it presses once Mosel wine, a luxury holiday home for special requirements. At 70 square meters, it can be here on two floors wonderfully comfortable holiday.

The large open living space with generous ceiling height (6 feet!) enthusiastic fans every stylish designs. The austere and beautiful stone walls were decorated with warm wood tones in furniture and flooring. Contrasts set the bright red wall living room with the cozy fireplace and white plaster structure and the comfy white sofas cuddle. The latest technology is here of course - the large format TV (16:9, 90 photo) with Dolby Surround and the premiere evening reception make television an experience
Ground floor home cooks can indulge in the luxurious designer kitchen Küppersbusch their passion. The elegant bedroom is connected to the feel-good bath that offers ambience and a steam shower with lots of extra features. Invites you to relax in the charming outdoor courtyard, which exudes with its beautiful teak wood furniture, laminate flooring.

Winzerhaus equal standing next door has a sauna and a solarium for guests. The vacation home "press-house" is suitable for two people for a special flair and a touch of luxury to the perfect vacation includes.


     * Quiet and central location in the center
     * Large format TV 90 he is the image
     * HIFI CD, MP3, TUNER
     * Radio
     * Central Heating
     * Additional underfloor heating in the EC
     * Stove in the living area
     * Courtyard with seating
     * Garden furniture
     * Crockery
     * Island
     * Electric stove
     * ECO THERM oven
     * Refrigerator
     * Dishwasher
     * Coffee
     * Linens
     * Towels

Minimum booking: 3 days in low season in the season 1 week .
Vault Cellar
Our cellar is always open for you. Whether you sample our wines or would like to have a party with friends, we leave it up to you.

Our Apartments
Integrated into a listed building, beautifully located overlooking the steep vineyards, 4 and 5 Star Rating by DTV, in which ambience and furnishing received the highest possible score.

Every season is a visit to the Springiersbacher Hof an experience. We know as the gregarious host your parties, the catering, the sports program and the Roman countryside, where you can unwind and be with all our knowledge to help you!

A good bottle of Riesling, a trip by bike along the Moselle, a stroll through the quaint streets of Ediger, the breathtaking view of Europe's steepest vineyard, the Calmont, a Winzervesper in the sunshine – this and other ways can your happy holiday at Springier Hof look.
Eight apartments are in Abteihof and neighboring vintners house for a holiday full of relaxation and well-being for you. Stylish living areas, quality kitchens and elegant baths will make your vacation home into something special. The flats get their incomparable charm from an individual design of furniture, colors and accessories.

With meticulous attention to detail we have created a unique environment, together with the many other amenities of Springierbacher Hof, makes a stay here unforgettable.

Even the monks from the monastery Springiersbach knew where life is good. In 1752 the Augustinian choir masters built the stately baroque buildings on the old walls of the courtyard dating to 1299.

Wine Café on the Moselle Ediger
We want to invite you, but also guests and visitors to the wine village of Ediger-Eller, to spend a nice time in the beautiful surroundings. Enjoy a good Riesling or specialty coffee, try a piece of homemade cake or the specialties of the house.

Opening times: daily from 12:00 to 9:30pm in the courtyard garden or wine barn, cold and hot food to 9pm, closed Tuesdays
Vineyard since 1299.

Originally from the monastery in the Eifel Springiersbach winery, founded in 1299, is first mentioned in documents. We learned of a court located at the church, with vineyards and fields in Pleyte in Edegry. Since then the abbey Springiersbach manages the place. The cellars date from this period and form the oldest part of the winery. They are thus among the oldest wine cellars in the Mosel. The vineyard of the monastery of the Augustinian Canons winery is therefore already attested more than 700 years old.
1752/53 we learn Heinrich Wassenberg, the abbot of Springiersbach, demolished the old building and replaced it with a stately baroque buildings. As part of the secularization of church goods ordered by Napoleon, the monastery was dissolved and Springiersbach sold the property in 1803. The winery was auctioned at Ediger to Nicholas Becker, who had run the monastery since 1792. Since then the winery is owned by the family. In 1997, the estate of Gabriel and Michael Borchert was performed.

The building still reminds us of its long history as a monastic winery. The building is original and has been backed up and restored with much love. On the archway is the “Klosterwappen” cloister’s coat of arms (restored original).
Quality Pledge
In our vineyards we work close to nature and because of the extreme steepness completely manually, i.e., all work done in the vineyard -cutting, binding, green work, right up to the grape harvest -will be executed with cost-intensive manual labor
Healthy and high quality grapes, vineyard maintenance throughout the year, reduced yields and a harvest of the grapes by hand. These are the basics for a good quality wine. A gentle grape results. Less means more in this case.

We cordially invite you to a tasting of our wines and a vacation with us in Ediger.

Distiller Springiersbacher Hof
Water-distillation by Carl, Göppingen

Opposite the Abbey courtyard, mounted directly on the city wall, is the distillery. A modern water distillery with fine burning crown from Carl. And bubble column made of solid copper and coated with high-alloy steel.

In the cold season it heats up here; a highly concentrated fragrance drifts across the ancient village. Strict raw material selection and innovative combustion technology, combined with a delicate touch are the cornerstones of high quality distillates.

When not cooking, you can visit the historic distillery’s happy hours. We’d be happy to tell you the art of distilling and about the plant over a shot.

Location Frankfurt Airport:
This unit is located conveniently near Frankfurt Airport. From Frankfurt Airport the distance to the unit at Oberbachstrasse 30, 56814 Ediger is about 135 km (84.3 miles), approximately a 1 hour, 38 minutes drive by car. In addition, there are good public transportation options available for Ediger, in case you don't want to rent a car. At the top of this page is also a map with the exact location of the object.

Rate Summary: starting prices from USD $137-$146 for 2 persons.

Unit Size: 753 square feet

Additional Features: Central Heating, has a cozy fireplace, Oven, Dish Washer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Television, Cable TV, DVD Player, Patio, Sauna, Outdoor Dining Area, Fireplace

Accommodations: apt/condo

Location Description:

Springiersbacher Hof in Ediger on the Mosel
The abbey was founded in 1102. Springiersbach received gifts in many places.

In 1299 appeared for the first time in a vineyard in Ediger "Pleyte," the Springiersbach. "Pleyte" lies behind the city wall, near the church.

1752-53 the old building was demolished and in its place were erected stately baroque buildings. In this form it appears today. The monastery had the new house just 50 years. After that, the abbey was dissolved by Napoleon and dispossessed (secularisation 1806). The coat of arms on the archway was (like most arms in the Rhineland) rescinded. A few fragments were preserved. In 2006 it was restored to the original.

The basement rocks date back to 1299 and according to city research, making it one of the oldest basement rocks along the Mosel. The building is beautifully furnished interior and exterior. The original pisé floors are preserved. Under special protection for monuments is the baroque staircase in the main building, the fountain in the courtyard house and the roof structure made of oak beams.

The entire property is available as a townscape ensemble. The dominant building or monument under protection. Especially in the flats Easter lamb, rabbit and jump Calmont you can admire the old oak tree tie.

1997 - 2000 the courtyard has been restored. In close cooperation with the State Conservation Office and the Office for village renewal, the property was "turned on its head." Inside and outside of local artisans and countless self-employment secured, renovated and restored. In the old part of the building only historic building materials such as straw, clay, hemp or quark colors were used. The concrete floor in the basement of 1930 was replaced by original Mosel slate. A staircase made of 250 year old oak bar was installed and now you get down safe foot, or back up in a historic, preserved original wine cellar.

The roof was natural - re-covered slate. In the front view with 20 scales. These are twice as expensive than the already expensive ordinary natural slate. It was built a total of 22 new dormers, because the old ones were rotted. In the main viewing area for the dormers were performed in solid oak. The windows are historically oriented lattice windows with double glazing. The front door Anno 1752 has been restored and now shines in its old beauty. The farm has been the secularization by Napoleon in 1806 in the family.

After nearly three years of construction originated in the old building, parts of 4 beautiful apartments with a great comfort in the atmosphere of past times for our guests. The German Tourism Association drew from the apartments with 4 and 5 stars.

The Romanesque and Baroque monastery Springiersbach was back about 100 years after the secularization of the monastery. Collection held by the Order of Carmelites. This is still supported today.

Ediger was Springiersbach also a lower court, named after the monastery from 1334 to 1794 Martental in the Chapel Street.

Springiersbach was also in the convent parlors, (opposite the ruins Calmont). The site of the reliquary, the most important relic of the Holy Cross, which is now in Limburg / Lahn.

Mosel Mosel holiday in a romantic landscape
Jjoy, trusses, beautiful Moselle landscape, nice people. Tense times out, experience the atmosphere of the Moselle. Whether for a weekend getaway or vacation trip to the Moselle - the scenery of the Moselle are worth a visit any time. The Mosel region is one of the most popular holiday regions of Germany.

Welcoming hosts who care with special kindness to their guests, for the Moselaner a matter of course.

Ediger, the Rothenburg of the Moselle

Embark on a journey through time. You will discover winding streets, half-timbered houses and quiet seclusion amid the old buildings. The city wall from the 12th Century is very well maintained and surrounds the old town. "New buildings" in the old town there are almost none. Therefore, the inhabitants have restored their homes and you think it would have looked like once.

Only in Bernkastel you can still find such a number of half-timbered houses in Ediger. The highest-timbered house is right on the Moselle Moselle Road. 1995 we received the "Most beautiful Moselle village" has been awarded. There is something special, the old familiar place on foot must see. The Catholic Church of St. Martin (about 1500) has the "most beautiful Gothic spire of slate, with the majestic bells next to the Cathedral of Trier." (Dumont Guide)

From the Church of the Cross leads to the 18th Century up through the vineyards to the Chapel of the Cross. The bouquet of the wine farms invite you to linger.

Golf Course Ediger-Eller/Cochem
For you as our guests, there are only 3 km to the golf course by car. In addition to a 9-hole course there is an 18 hole championship course of international demands. We are happy to arrange trial lessons.

Calmont climbing
Climbing on the Mosel? In Calmont climbing is possible. A unique feature is the connection between Via Ferrata with the vineyards of the Mosel.

Calmont - climbing is about five miles long. A total of six aluminum ladders to help conquer the steepest sections, shorter bluffs and eminences are secured by pins 22 and 19 kick staples. Up to 26 meter long steel cables attached to the most dangerous places. To fix the fuses had 160 holes with diameters up to of 32 millimeters be introduced into the shale rock. The trail runs between 200 to 300 vertical feet above the Moselle River. The view from the top is breathtaking. Glittering the Mosel flows far below us in her bed.

We have made it and celebrated the way from the railway station in Ediger-Eller walking past the lookout "agony" in the direction Bremm.

Rewarding the efforts are wonderful views of the Moselle landscape. If you hike through the steep slopes you can imagine what a tedious job viticulture is in these mountains.

As with all climbing shoes are solid and vertigo condition. Ropes and climbing gear are not required. Some parts of the road are demanding and committing only by experienced hikers.

More travel info about Ediger: Ediger-Eller is a municipality in the district Cochem-Zell, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
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