Grand Teton Getaways

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Grand Teton National Park, located in the Snake River Valley of northwestern Wyoming, offers an unlimited amount of outdoor activities and facilities in a beautiful setting beneath the stately Grand Teton.

The mountain setting of this park supports outdoor activities in every season. Visitors of all skill levels will find facilities for hiking, walking, wildlife viewing, photography, backpacking, camping, climbing and biking. The alpine lakes, streams and rivers within the park support water-oriented opportunities such as, fishing, swimming, boating, floating and canoeing. Winter activities in the park include skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Some activities such as overnight backpacking, boating, floating, canoeing, fishing and snowmobiling require fee permits, licenses or registration.

An excellent place to gather information about park facilities is at one of the visitor centers. Moose Visitor Center features exhibits and information on the Greater Yellowstone Area and rare and endangered species. The Jenny Lake Visitor Center features Geology exhibits and a relief model of the region. At the Colter Bay Visitor Center you'll find an Indian Arts Museum, an auditorium and a large book store. The Flagg Ranch Information Station features information about John D. Rockefeller and the Greater Yellowstone area. Visitor Centers are located along main park roads and are indicated on the park map.

There are approximately 100 miles of park roads, which are usually very congested during the summer season. Always consider driving time and distance to your next destination before setting out. Trail mileage in the park nears 200 miles. Most park trails are rough rock or dirt and are not accessible to visitors with disabilities. There are many asphalt trails in the Jenny Lake area, some of which are accessible. Some trails may begin as asphalt and change to dirt or gravel shortly thereafter.

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