Quechee Lakes Ski Getaways

ski getaways

A private resort open to the public on all but a few days, Quechee is familiar as the little area you can see below you off Route 4 on your way to Killington.

If you're looking for a fine place to tune up your skills before heading to a bigger mountain; a ski school that specializes in children, young adolescents, and those who have been out of the sport for a while; or simply a laid-back day on the snow, it may well be worth turning down into the valley and exploring the place.

Quechee's 650 feet of vertical and 12 trails are modest by all but Midwestern standards yet are still enough to allow plenty of fun. A double chair, T-bar, and handle tow provide access to this user-friendly terrain. Three trails are rated black diamond but only the shakiest novices need fear them. Most everything is intermediate in nature, although there are a few good drops sprinkled around the hill. Take Little Kings to Face or Stagecoach to the T-bar hill and you can put together a run about ᄒ of a mile long. Best of all, the hill faces the sunny south and southwest with fine views down into the beautiful valley of the Ottaquechee River.