Park City Mountain Ski Getaways

ski getaways

Park City sprawls, climbs, and stairs-steps its way up from the historic old mining town of Park City to the steep bowls of Jupiter Peak. The resort is bigger than many think at 3300 acres and it's helpful to have the trail map handy. For mere mortals - those who won't be heading to the double-black diamond bowls and glades way up high - it helps to remember Home Run. This green circle trail neatly bisects the main ridge from where the Pioneer and Thaynes lifts meet and runs all the way down to the Resort Center at 6900 feet. Most of the regular trails drop off left and right from the ridge down which Home Run travels, and from other minor ridges along the way. The most prominent of these is King Con Ridge, traversed by an intermediate cruiser of the same name.

While the small double-diamond Blueslip Bowl and an adjacent glade will be found off the Pioneer lift, Park City's signature bowls will be found higher up. McKonkey's High-speed six-pack, the Jupiter double, and good old-fashioned hiking provide access to McKonkey's, Puma, Jupiter, and Scott's Bowls, and the steep glades of Black Forest and Pinecone Ridge. From McKonkey's in the east to Pinecone Ridge in the west this terrain runs roughly like a horse collar around the rest of the resort.

The rest of the resort is still quite a chunk of varied and interesting terrain. Mile after mile of solid blue trails spill from the top of the King Con high-speed quad, while the Motherlode and Thaynes lifts serve a nice variety of blues and blacks. Black diamond Thaynes is famous for its moguls, as are a few other trails in the neighborhood. The First Time lift and the nearby Three Kings lift serve dedicated beginner terrain while more challenging green circle trails, such as Claimjumper, will be found higher up.

Two superpipes and a huge terrain park complete the picture. The Payday pipe is lighted at night, as are some 250 acres of terrain. A 500-acre top-to-bottom swath is protected by snowmaking.