Pocono Mtn Lake Lake Getaways

lake getaways

Warm weather, beautiful scenery, friends and family, time set aside for a little R&R, but the perfect summer getaway isn't complete without meeting the cool waters of a big, blue lake. Visitors to the Pocono Mountain's Lake Region can feel the wind in their hair aboard a boat while cruising, swimming, or fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack. They can also plan for fun-filled activities and events, dine at a number of fabulous restaurants, and stay at one of many vacation home rentals.

Pocono Mountain park consists of 1,306 acres of rugged terrain on the summit and slopes of Camelback Mountain. From the summit, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of a vast portion of eastern Pennsylvania and portions of New Jersey and New York. A paved, scenic drive that is 1.4 miles in length encircles the mountaintop, permitting visitors to enjoy the beautiful view in all directions. Hikers will enjoy the 7 miles of trail in the park. The trail system consists of three interconnecting trails with varying terrain ranging from smooth to very rough. Inexperienced hikers should inquire at the park office before attempting Indian and North Trails. South Trail is a multi-use trail permitting horseback riders.

Approximately 800 acres of Big Pocono State Park are open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, bear, cottontail rabbit, squirrel, turkey and ruffed grouse. Furbearers include fox, raccoon and coyote. Adjacent to the park are 3,943 acres of State Game Lands No. 38 that is open to public hunting, trapping, dog training and hiking.

Downhill skiing is available through the Camelback Ski Resort that operates a ski resort on Big Pocono State Park. There is a full-service restaurant at the ski resort.

Big Pocono State Park provides three picnic areas with a total of 50 picnic tables. The picnic area adjacent to the Cattell Cabin has tables in an open setting, while the east and south areas are located in a wooded setting. All areas offer the visitor excellent views of the surrounding countryside.