Oceanside Beach Getaways

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Oceanside - the perfect name for a beach getaway with tons of vacation home rentals to choose from! forGetaway is proud to feature one of Oregon's most sought after beach area destinations in the Pacific coast town of Oceanside. Located near the upper northwest tip of this beautiful state, Oceanside offers temperate weather in the summer and stunning views of the coast from hilly, lush vantage points. No trip to Oregon is more quintessentially "beach" than Oceanside.

Located in the center of the community of Oceanside, this park offers some of the best agate hunting during the winter season when the sand is stripped away by ocean currents. During the summer season, the park is a popular place to beachcomb, explore tidepools and surf. The sky above the park is occasionally filled with colorful hang gliders, paragliders and kites.

Oceanside Beach offers beach access and opportunities for beachcombing, picnicking, windsurfing, surfing, fishing, bird watching and marine mammal watching.