Manzanita Beach Getaways

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Manzanita is a popular getaway spot for Portlanders and nationwide travelers alike. Beach vacation home rentals is Manzanita are a prize all in themselves in this town that is some 100 miles west of Oregon's largest city. Somewhat "undiscovered" in its setting, Manzanita offers a relaxing vacation spot for people looking to unwind. Sandy beaches surrounding by large cliffs and rock formations are the norm, must like the run of the beautiful Oregon coastline.

While in Manzanita, you're most likely to partake in some outdoor activities that play off of the bucolic beach setting. Stroll down the beach, take a boat tour, and end up enjoying fine seafood dining come nightfall. Is there anything more relaxing? We think not. And if you're looking for more hands-on activities for your stay in Manzanita, bring your rod and reel and head out fishing. Crabbing is also popular in this town, which is only some 20 miles south of the also lovely Cannon Beach. Visit Manzanita, Oregon for your next beach vacation and you will be glad in your decision.