Lake Texoma Lake Getaways

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Lake Texoma vacation home rentals offer you close access to large variety of watersports and fishing locations. When the temperature rises in the Oklahoma / Texas area, Lake Texoma is a popular choice for those looking to cool off and enjoy the sun.

Expansive Lake Texoma is located on the Texas / Oklahoma border. There is plenty to do on the water including swimming, boating, waterskiing, windsurfing, and jet skiing. If you feel like sailing, you can charter boats as well as instructors. From the water, you can reach one of the many sandy islands that dot this beautiful reservoir. When it comes to fishing in the area, Lake Texoma is known for its plentiful striped bass population. There is also plenty of golfing nearby as well as two state parks surrounding the lake. Lake Texoma is the perfect destination for your Southwestern vacation.

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