Lake Logan Lake Getaways

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Not only is Lake Logan rich with natural scenery, but it once belonged to the Wyandot Indians. Therefore, it makes sense that it's name, Lake Logan, was meant to honor its Native American founders. It is is located in Hocking County in southeastern Ohio and allows fishing, swimming, boating, hiking and more.

Much time has passed since the region surrounding Lake Logan was first uplifted from the ancient sea that once covered most of Ohio. This unglaciated plateau in the southeastern part of the state is Ohio's oldest landscape as the glaciers never invaded the region. Lake Logan State Park lies in the Hocking Valley, formed by the Hocking River. The Hocking was a major outlet for glacial meltwaters. These waters deposited large amounts of outwash material, primarily sand and gravel, which strongly affected the type of biological communities present today.

The forest surrounding Lake Logan is for the most part an oak-hickory association. White and black oak, tulip tree, shagbark and pignut hickory are the most dominant species. The forest floor is dotted with a variety of wildflowers such as fire pink, wintergreen, bluets and spring beauties. Ground cover plants include greenbrier, blueberry and numerous ferns and fungi.

Lake Logan was developed in 1955 for recreational purposes. ODNR Division of Wildlife administered the area until 1964, when jurisdiction was transferred to the Division of Parks and Recreation. Originally known as Hocking Lake, it was renamed Lake Logan to reflect the Indian heritage of the area and to avoid confusion with nearby Hocking Hills State Park and Forest.

Weather permitting, wintertime users pursue ice skating, ice fishing, and sledding. Warmer temperatures attract those who enjoy fishing, hiking, picnicking, and swimming. Hunting is permitted in designated areas.

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