Peek n' Peak Ski Getaways

ski getaways

Way over on the far western corner of New York you'll find Peek 'n Peak, a four season resort with an old-world feel to it.

The resort's Tudor architecture, anchored by the Inn at the Peak, winding paths, and extensive formal landscaping evoke a graceful atmosphere. That feeling is enhanced by the very names of the ski trails: Nottingham Notch, Sherwood Meadow, and Oxford Way are three examples; all trails are named with this common scene.

Trails drop up to 400 vertical feet from several high points along a ridge, and intermediates especially will like the terrain. They have the most choices and the longest runs. Lift E, a triple, serves some fun cruisers like King Richard's Willy-Nilly, Alan-A-Dale (green circle, and a good showoff run under the lift), Kensington Cross (green circle but a bit more challenging than you'd think), and Sherwood Meadow. Lift 8, another triple, serves a fine trio of cruisers in Nottingham Notch, Finsbury Field, and Willie Wynkin Woodlands.

While there are a couple of more beginner trails like the ones noted above that make their way down from the top of the ridge, beginners have their own separate are and lifts near the Learning Center and the Peek 'n Kids Building. Peek 'n Peak goes all-out for kids: the Peek 'n Kids Building can handle up to 300 of them a day.

The most difficult terrain can be found off Lifts 6 and 7, dual triples. Here you'll find Cross Bow, Catapult, Quarterstaff, and a handful of other black diamonds. Eight-five percent of the entire Peak's terrain is covered by snowmaking, but nearly 11 feet of the natural stuff falls each year, thanks to a boost from nearby Lake Erie.

A half pipe, terrain park, and a tubing park provide plenty of opportunity for snowplay. So does the seven days/seven nights a week operational schedule. And there's a complete cross-country complex with 13 kilometers of groomed trails available at the area, too.