Tenney Mountain Ski Getaways

ski getaways

Tenney's revival a few seasons ago was good news to its many fans. Despite the fact that the mountain was shuttered for a season, its comeback best illustrates Tenney's prime asset, location. It's just a few short minutes off I-93, boasts a respectable 1400 feet of vertical, and 48 classic trails and glades.

While it doesn't hurt Tenney to have a prime location the predominantly intermediate terrain is also a draw. But Tenney's blue-square trails aren't buffed superhighways in the modern idiom. Instead, the trails follow the natural contours of the mountain, and each trail has a distinctive personality. They run long, too, for the most part. Morning Glory and Edelweiss (the latter is the longest trail at the area) provide a steady turn-after-turn experience from the top, and many other top-to-bottom combinations await. For a step up in challenge the long combo of Forget-Me-Not and Snap Dragon on the southern perimeter of the mountain offer more than a mile of black diamond cruising. Sweet William and lower Sunflower offer additional challenge on the other side of the mountain, and there are several short but sweet steep shots scattered about.

Tenney's tree cover is dominated by hardwoods, which have been thinned to good effect. There are great tree runs all over the mountain (Hard Woods Glades may be the steepest) and even an intermediate glade.

While solid wedge turners will feel comfortable on, say, Edelweiss, beginners have their very own area just below the main base. Serviced by a platter pull, This Way and That Way are lined by attractive condos, nicely landscaped, and have a comfortable "neighborhood" feel about them.

The terrain park, called Base Camp, is on John's Park, and it's open Monday to Saturday nights, as is the tubing park.