Storrs Hill Ski Getaways

ski getaways

Storrs Hill, run by the Lebanon Outings Club, is a literal stone throw away from downtown Lebanon. Originally operated by the city itself, it was decided in the 1980s that it could no longer afford to run the area due to the high cost of employing a full-time staff. That's when the Outing Club stepped in and agreed to take over the operation in the hopes that, apart from one full-time and one part-time employee, they could staff the hill solely with volunteer workers, many of whom had learned to ski or ride there themselves. So far, that plan seems to be working.

Storrs Hill is far from a "destination" area but that is not their focus. They were founded based on the idea that all area children should have a place to enjoy winter activities and they continue to hold true to that vision today.

Storrs Hill has three trails, 1 beginner and 2 intermediate slopes. A single surface lift gets you to all of them. Storrs Hill maintains the only year-round Nordic ski jumping training facility in New England which includes 10-, 25-, and 50-meter jumps. Lessons have always been a big part of Storrs Hill and are offered three nights a week and on weekends.