Black Mountain Ski Getaways

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Black Mountain's history as a place to ski extends all the way back to 1935, when New Hampshire began to make its mark on the face of skiing in this country.

The Mount Washington Valley was a center of excitement, innovation, and legendary deeds in the early days of the sport's history in the U.S., and Black Mountain played its part. It's the oldest ski resort in the state, and while much has changed since the early days of skiing, including Black, much thankfully remains the same.

A red covered bridge still signals your arrival to the historic town of Jackson, nestled at the foot of Black Mountain. The rolling countryside, dotted with farms, inns, and hamlets, seems to have changed little in 70 years, save only for the vehicles that pass by. The ski area itself, while up to date, still offers a mix of trails for all abilities (nearly evenly divided) that maintain a wonderfully individual nature.

Four lifts access 143 acres, nearly all of it covered by snowmaking. Intermediates and beginners would do well to avoid the summit and instead ride the East Bowl Triple. From its terminus they'll find a wealth of trails to the left as they exit the lift, including such signature trails as Sugarbush, Black Beauty, and Galloping Goose. Those just starting out will have their own playground off the two surface lifts at the base. Higher up, on terrain served by the Summit Double, is Black's steeper stuff. Lostbo and Lostbo Glades, Upper Galloping Goose and Upper Maple Slalom, and a series of other tougher trails and glades, drop down the western edge of the area.