Rice Lake Lake Getaways

lake getaways

Rice Lake is located in Central Minnesota, about 2 miles from Paynesville. Rice Lake is over 1500 acres and has two access available for the public. The maximum depth is 41 ft and water clarity is between 4-6 ft.

Rice Lake NWR is located in the glaciated transition zone between hardwood and coniferous forest types. Habitats include a wide range from bog to upland hardwoods. Refuge history centers around the 4,500-acre Rice Lake. For thousands of years, Indians would gather here to harvest the abundant wild rice - and still do today.

Rice Lake is a major migration stopover in the fall for waterfowl, it is noted for its concentrations of ring-necked ducks, up to 100,000 where they feed on wild rice until freeze-up in early November.