Island Lake Lake Getaways

lake getaways

Island lake resevoir was formed in 1910 by damming up the Cloquet River. This act formed a large resevoir of water to be used to generate electricity with over 8,000 acres of water surfaced. Island lake has been a well kept secret for many years. In-fisherman magazine ranked it as the #7 FISHERY in the state. Because there is no resort on the lake, it remains a quiet and peaceful haven for its visitors.

According to one Island Lake native, an ideal activity is fishing off the end of the dock at dawn and at sunset hours. At Island Lake, smallmouth bass has taken a good hold and are they most fun to catch. Walleyes are the best for the table, along with the perch which are also good sized. Beyond the lake there are two bar/restaurants within minutes. For wintertime fun, there are snowmobile trails galore. For a little more hustle and bustle, the city of Duluth is only 18 miles away. There are many cultural opportunities in the city where you can explore your mind, body, and soul.