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Deep Creek Lake is Maryland's largest man-made lake. Found in western Maryland, Deep Creek Lake vacation home rentals are a great alternative to the more popular (and crowded) tourist destinations near the Atlantic coast. Deep Creek Lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains on nearly all sides and is in the perfect location for water sports and exploring nature. Touted as a place where you can have both extreme adventure and total relaxation, you would need alot of time to really explore everything that Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County have to offer.

The Lake was created in 1925 when the Deep Creek hydroelectric project was constructed. The land, which was flooded by construction of the dam as well as many properties surrounding the newly created lake, had been acquired by the power company. Eventually, the Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec) began divesting itself of some of the real estate surrounding the lake, although a buffer zone around the lake was retained. Over the next few decades, the Deep Creek Lake region developed as a recreational resort region. In 1968, Penelec was issued a license to operate the facility by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Penelec, as the lake owner, had established corporate policies and procedures for managing recreation and access to Deep Creek Lake. In 1980, the State of Maryland agreed to take over management of recreation and access at Deep Creek Lake. Lake management regulations were promulgated through a public process beginning in 1981 and were updated in 1986, 1988, 1989 and 2000. These regulations are still in effect and provide the basis for the Department of Natural Resources lake management operations.

The park lies just west of the Allegheny Front on a large plateau known as the Tablelands or Allegheny Highlands. Its location at the southernmost end of Meadow Mountain places it west of the Eastern Continental Divide and within the Mississippi River watershed. Over 95% of the park consists of a forest that has regenerated from the original stands of timber into an excellent example of a maturing northern hardwood forest. Oaks and hickories are now the dominant species. Forest wildlife species such as black bear, wild turkey, bobcat, and white-tailed deer have grown in numbers over the past decades as habitat has been preserved and managed. Small mammals such as squirrel, chipmunk, raccoon, skunk, and opossum are frequently seen. The park is also home to numerous plant species, some rare, found on the forest floor.

Recreations available at this beautiful Western Maryland park include viewing historic sites, viewing the thriving wildlife populations, and enjoying the new environmental education center. Ranger-led tours include horseback riding, ATV riding, lake cruises and hayrides. In addition, the traditional park pastimes suggest hiking, fishing, camping, picnicking, biking, and hunting.

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