Moosehead Lake Lake Getaways

lake getaways

When you book a Moosehead Lake vacation home rental, you'll be getting in on what has long been considered one of Maine's best kept secrets. The beautiful and massive lake, surrounded by pristine wilderness, is the perfect destination for experiencing the fun on the water and in the mountains of Maine.

Moosehead Lake includes Sugar and Farm Islands and most of the shore in Days Academy and Kineo Townships which totals 11,176 acres. Spectacular views from the summit of Mount Kineo are enjoyed year-round. Nearby Lily Bay State Park offers a boat launch opening access to the entire lake.

Hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are enjoyed as well. The cold season opens opportunities to snowmobilers and skiers. Like much of Maine, this area is beautiful in all directions. Mt. Kineo, elevation 1,806, may be seen to the north. Nearby Lily Bay State Park offers a boat launch. Hunting and trapping are allowed, subject to state rules and regulations. Call 207-287-3821 for specific policies and laws regarding these activities.