Acadia Beach Getaways

beach getaways

Acadia National Park is comprised of over 40,000 acres. On this national land rests two air quality monitoring sites, approximately 20 ponds and lakes and 26 mountains. Over 3 million people visit annually to view the spectacular scenery, enjoy the protected lands and study the 273 species of birds, 11 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptile and over 40 species of mammals. Created some 350 millions years ago, this coastal boreal community has attracted people for thousands of years.

Acadia National Park provides facilities for a plethora of recreation opportunities. The park visitor center is a good place to begin acquiring information about the terrain and its trails, roads, picnic grounds and campgrounds. The park offers 120 miles of hiking trails through varied landscapes and seascapes. There are also 45 miles of carriage roads for walking, hiking and biking. Fishing opportunities abound in a number of the lakes and ponds. Wonderful gardens are open for leisurely strolls. This northern outdoor wonder has something for every taste whether it's staying in or near your car or backpacking into the remote forests, Acadia is a natural attraction that entertains over 3 million people annually.

During the summer months, there are daily excursions offering the opportunity to travel out into the Gulf of Maine for the sole purpose of viewing wildlife. You are likely to see harbor seals, puffins (over two decades ago the National Audubon Society launched a major effort to reestablish and have successfully done so) and whales.

Hungry travelers heading south on SR 3, south of Ellsworth, will not want to miss Betsy's Kitchen. This small rustic restaurant features fabulous melt-in-your-mouth homemade breads, homemade jellies, blueberry pancakes, friendly hospitality, camper necessities, postcards and more. The restaurant is located on the left, a short distance from the Ellsworth Wal*Mart, which incidentally, sells fishing licenses.