Bass Lake Lake Getaways

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Bass Lake in Indiana is, at first glance, a very mysterious lake. Bass Lake stands on top of a hill, and the drainage basin slopes away, not towards the lake itself. What's not mysterious about Bass Lake are the long, sandy beaches and beautiful, clear water. Located 11 miles north of Winamac and the Tippecanoe River State Park, Bass Lake covers 1,400 acres and is highly regarded for its great fishing and swimming opportunities.

The area around Bass Lake is just as beautiful as the water itself. Additionally, the beaches are the best in Indiana, as it is possible to walk long distances from the shore before reaching deep water. Kick your shoes off and take a nice stroll along Bass Lake during sunset for a truly gratifying experience. But how is the lake fed, if it sits atop a hill? The answer is found under the water, as springs discharge under the surface. This, plus a few flowing wells, maintain the lake level and allow it to rest in such an odd, yet incredible, location.

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