Bogus Basin Ski Getaways

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Bogus Basin is much more than the day hill skiers would expect of a seven-chair mountain so close to a city (16 miles from Boise). Bogus is a community-owned, full-service destination resort. Boise's Amtrak station brings in the destination skiers, and lodging both at the base and on the mountain keeps them on the slopes.

Basically, Bogus is big. And, like British Columbia's Red Mountain, Bogus has 360-degree skiing around its highest peak. Shafer Butte, at 7,582 feet, is reached on the front side by the Superior lift, and on the back by Pine Creek lift. Don't miss the back side. It's like the front, only pumped up. The other peak, 7,070-foot Dear Point, is accessed by the Deer Point lift from Bogus Creek Lodge, and via the Showcase lift. What about the name Bogus Basin? Legend has it that fool's gold-iron pyrite-was mined there and marketed to gullible city folks as the real thing. There was real stuff in the area, however, and all the ski runs are named after legitimate mines. The mountain also has two restaurants, Nordic skiing and the 70-unit, mid-mountain Pioneer Inn. Child care starts at 10 months. The 800-foot tubing runs give you a good run for your money. All tubers must be at least 36 inches tall. Tubing is a great kick-in-the-pants if you haven't done it in a while, especially on a groomed course without the pesky trees that normally get in the way. Even getting back up the hill is made easy-the paddle tow does the work while you kick back in the tube and watch the scenery unfold.

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