Whalers Village Beach Getaways

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Situated in Lahaina on Maui island, Whalers Village is an upscale shopping center with great dining options as well. Furthermore, if you're in the mood for great entertainment, outdoors and indoors, Whalers Village is perfect for the whole family. At the world-famous Whalers Village Museum, you can learn all about the history of Hawaii and Pacific Islander culture. Additionally, perhaps the best part about Whalers Village is the fact that it's located right on Kaanapali Beach!

With 75 fine shops and restuarants, Whalers Village offers something for everyone. From traditional Hawaiian gifts and apparel to trendy clothing boutiques, you won't be disappointed. A newly opened theater offers both popular movies and more regional favorites such as nature documentaries about whales. Visit Whalers Village today to get a real taste of Hawaii!