Hilo Beach Getaways

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Hilo, Hawaii is simply one of the coolest places to visit in Hawaii. Historic buildings, beautiful landscapes, passionate residents and international travelers unite in this vacation getaway year-round. After securing your lodging in Hilo with a beach vacation home rental here on forGetaway.com, head out and explore Hilo for all it's worth.

It's hard to choose a starting point when discussing Hilo's great features. Nestled in the shadows of Mauna Kea, Hilo has some of the most historic architecture in all of Hawaii, boasting many blocks that will wow those who take the opportunity to stroll through town. Hilo is also positioned near a river and a waterfall, with numerous beaches and parks that will serve surfers, snorkelers, and sunbathers equally. Hilo offers much more than the average Hawaiian getaway, evident in the rich presence of dining, culture, and their own zoo! For a real treat, catch the Merrie Monarch Festival and its lovely hula dancers.