Fort Lauderdale Getaways

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Rising off the shores of Florida's Atlantic coast is Fort Lauderdale. This bustling beach city is home to some of Florida's most luxurious beaches. Tourqouise blue tropical waters are inviting to swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. There is never a shortage of water in Fort Lauderdale. One of the most interesting attractions is the intricate system of canals throughout the city, which can be explored on a variety of glass bottom boat tours and sight-seeing cruises.

Fort Lauderdale is a child-friendly city and offers several activities for the little ones. Wannado City is an innovative role-playing-indoor theme park that lets children pick from 250 careers and act them out. After tiring yourself out playing dress up, broaden both your and your child's cultural horizons by visiting Seminole Indian villages in nearby Davie, FL. Another great outdoor activity for the entire family is exploring the Florida Everglades. Take an airboat ride through the swamps and see an assortment of wildlife from rare birds to alligators.

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