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Nestled between the Assawoman Bay and the Atlantic, Fenwick Island claims to offer the "best beach in southern Delaware," and there's really no reason to think otherwise. Not a day goes by that this mid-Atlantic natural haven doesn't see families building sand castles or trying their hand at various water sports. Uncrowded and unspoiled by heavy development or pollution, Fenwick Island is a great place to recapture the days of your summer youth. Also known as "Fisherman's Paradise," it is a regular occurrence to see bluefish, rockfish and flounder being caught daily at the seaside. With its own lighthouse, proximity to natural parks and the exciting nightlife of the mainland, Fenwick Island is a fantastic idea for your next vacation. Browse our Fenwick Island vacation home rentals to find a house or condo that best matches your needs.

Situated between the popular resort towns of Bethany Beach to the north and Fenwick Island and Ocean City to the south, Fenwick Island State Park is a relaxing escape from the summer crowds. This three-mile stretch of barrier island is a playground of sand, surf, and sun along Delaware's Atlantic coast.

Before the area became a park, the dynamic forces of nature constantly changed the narrow strip of barrier dunes between the Atlantic Ocean and Little Assawoman Bay, keeping the area wild and undeveloped. The area that is Fenwick Island State Park remained largely undisturbed, even as the towns of Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island were established. In 1926, a statewide survey classified the park area as public lands, which were soon assigned to the State Highway Department. Later, during World War II, the park lands were used as part of Delaware's coastal defense system. A concrete observation tower from the war era still stands near the northern boundary of the park.

In 1966, the property was assigned to the State Park Commission as a southern section of Delaware Seashore State Park. The area was renamed Fenwick Island State Park in 1981, and is now managed in conjunction with Holts Landing State Park, on the nearby Indian River Bay.

Water sports are the main recreation enjoyed at Fenwick Island State Park. Visitors will find fishing, swimming, sailing, sail boarding, surfing and other water related activities. A picnic area, food concession, and several bathhouses are provided. The park also offers a nature trail. The park rents the following equipment with proof of valid driver's license: sailboards, jet skis, and catamarans.

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