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Old Saybrook is a town with a history of cultivation for the arts, education, and invention. Academy Award winning actress Katharine Hepburn called Old Saybrook home. The inventor of the first American submarine, David Bushnell, was also an Old Saybrook resident. The Collegiate School of Connecticut was started in Old Saybrook, and upon its move to New Haven was renamed Yale University. Find your inspiration in an Old Saybrook vacation home.

Old Saybrook is a model New England town, situated where the Connecticut River meets Long Island Sound. In addition to this great natural location, Old Saybrook is a goldmine of 17th, 18th, and 19th century American history. The downtown alone has more old buildings (relics, really) than many larger New England towns. Part of the reason may be that Old Saybrook is Connecticut's third-oldest town, and this fact is not hard to miss: there are at least four 17th century "saltbox" houses in Old Saybrook, and many more Georgian and colonial style 18th century houses lining the streets. Visit Fort Saybrook Monument Park for a family learning experience, or head down to the coast and comb the beach. Regardless of why you want to visit Old Saybrook, keep in mind that this little coastal town is mere hours away from the metropolises of New York and Philadelphia - but with Old Saybrook vacation home rentals, why would you want to leave anyway? Browse our listings to find the perfect rental for your needs.

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