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Located on the northeastern shore of Long Island Sound is the town of New London. The town, which was settled in 1646, was the location of Benedict Arnold's infamous fire setting. The Shaw-Perkins Mansion, home to naval captain Nathaniel Shaw, was a target of the fire yet was managed to be saved. Today, visitors on a New London vacation, can tour the house and grounds of the historic property.

When you make a trip to New London, you will be surrounded by hundreds of years of US History. You'll also be surrounded by the making of the future, since New London is home to Connecticut College, Mitchell College, and the United States Coast Guard Academy. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the area at the Connecticut College Arboretum. Another interesting place to take your time and wander around is the Ye Antientist Burial Ground. This cemetery is one of the oldest colonial graveyards and is the very oldest in New London County. Another important New London landmark is the Hempstead Houses, composed of the Hempstead family home built in 1678 and a neighboring stone house. Nine generations of the Hempstead family lived in these homes. This property is the only surviving Underground Railroad station in Connecticut that is open to the public. Visitors to the Robert Mills U.S. Customs office will be seeing the oldest US customs office that is still in operations, as well as the yearlong docking port for the ship Amistad (on which a movie was based). Other New London attractions include the Fort Trumball State Park, a defense fort on the Thames River, and the Ledge Lighthouse, which was built in 1909. Start browsing New London Vacation Home Rentals now to begin your trip to one of America's foremost colonial towns.

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