Lake Granby Lake Getaways

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Find some Lake Granby vacation home rentals and get ready for the trout fishing trip of your life. Lake Granby is near Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Famous for its record-size trout weighing in at over 30 pounds and 3 feet in length, Lake Granby has some of the best trout in Colorado. It is routinely stocked with konkakee salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout. The lake can be more than 220 feet deep and its shoreline is approximately 40 miles long.

Lake Granby encompasses 7,256 acres, and is the second largest body of water in Colorado. The lake offers has 40 miles of shoreline. Lake Granby is part of the Arapaho National Recreation Area (ANRA) which encompasses five lakes and reservoirs at the upper end of the Colorado River Valley. The reservoirs were developed to provide water from the west slope, to the cities on Colorado's east slope.

Recreation on this large reservoir includes power and sail boating, water skiing, wind surfing, fishing and ice-fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking and viewing scenery. Columbine Bay provides a popular area for nonmotorized boating. Primary sport fish are rainbow trout, mackinaw trout, and salmon. Facilities closed in winter due to ice and snow conditions.