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Royal Gorge is North America's largest Cross Country ski resort. Located in the magnificent Northern Sierra Nevada mountain range above Lake Tahoe its 308 km of immaculately groomed track offers everything from pristine meadows to sweeping vistas. 92 trails (28 beginner, 44 intermediate and 16 advanced) feature everything from gentle rolling terrain to steep hills. Four surface lifts help skiers negotiate the steeper inclines and allow them to practice their downhill techniques, while eight warming huts and four trailside cafes keep them refreshed and ready for more. Royal Gorge is located right off I-80 at the Soda Springs exit.<

Each trail is 20 feet wide and groomed with two sets of diagonal striding tracks and a skating lane down the middle, with enough room to snowshoe on the side. Spanning more than 9100 acres of terrain, with elevations ranging from 5800 to 7400 feet, Royal Gorge offers plenty of diversity within its 6 trail systems. The Van Norden Track System offers a substantial 100 km of trails with the most concentration of flat terrain and great views of Mount Lincoln and Mount Disney that make up neighboring Sugarbowl Ski Resort and its interconnect trail. Two warming huts support skiers along the way with complimentary hot tea.

With a short steep climb out of the Van Norden Basin, skiers can access the Ice Lakes Track System with some spectacular 360 degree views of Castle Peak to the northeast, the 4417 foot deep Royal Gorge from a distance to the west, and the crest of the Sierra to the south where the ridges grow toward Squaw Valley Resort. An invigorating downhill transition through a sugar pine forest to the Palisades Peak area provides rolling terrain that can take skiers to Palisades Peak for views of the resort's iconic 'Devil's Peak', or to the most famous scenic overlook at the edge of the Royal Gorge at Point Mariah. This point gives you an intimate view of the snow covered granite gorge from the north rim above the headwaters of the American River. Two warming huts strategically placed in this track system offer shelter and great views.

The Snow Mountain trail gives almost an effortless downhill transition to the Lodge Track System, home of the renowned Wilderness Lodge, a trailside cafe for hungry skiers, and gentle terrain through white pine and Jeffries pine to the outer reaches of the Devil's Peak Track System, which looks like the 'backside of beyond' when you view Devil's Peak from the main Day Lodge, Summit Station. Yes, there is a track system there as well, as distinct as the rest with effortless gliding through thick lodge pole pines, or the exhilarating undulating downhill terrain of Mirkwood. Summit Station Track System also hosts four surface lifts for your ease of return to the Day Lodge after skiing to the outer parameters of the trail system for nourishment at the Lodge's Cafe.

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