Pismo Beach Beach Getaways

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Vacationers choosing a beach vacation home rental at Pismo Beach will find a relatively small community that is loaded with recreational opportunities and general family fun.

This State Beach lies on the Central California coastline and encompasses 1,050 acres of beach, dunes and forest. The park is well known for the masses of migrating Monarch butterflies that pass through the park from November through February. (A temporary exhibit and tours are available for visitors in January and February.) On the beaches lie the famous Pismo clam beds. A culinary delight, these mollusks are available for some effort, as they lie several inches below the sand surface. Some regulations do apply to clamming at Pismo Beach. Additional facilities at this State Beach include picnic areas, a campground, restrooms, a fishing pier and hiking trails.

Visitors to Pismo State Beach have a myriad of recreation opportunities from which to choose. The facilities are open for camping, hiking, beachcombing, surfing, swimming, fishing, kayaking (or small water craft use), picnicking and wildlife viewing.

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