Manhattan Beach Beach Getaways

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Manhattan Beach, California is a town without a lot of history. It is named after one of the original major land owner's old homes in New York City and actually became the name of the town by a coin toss victory over shore acres. The city, which was originally part of the ten-mile ocean frontage of Rancho Sausal Redondo, gained most of it's population after World War II when servicemen began to desire a warm weather year round living area. Manhattan Beach has two wooden piers that were constructed in the early 1900's. One stretches over 920 ft into the water and was constructed with a rounded end, in order to reduce damage from large waves. Both piers offer amazing opportunities for fishing year round.

Just as any Southern Californian city, Manhattan Beach offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Manhattan Beach is home to over 30,000 residences and has 2 miles of beach front property, which consists of 40 acres of beach. Manhattan Beach is located just south of Los Angeles and is packed with activates and events year round. Fishing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Sun Bathing, Golfing, Fine dining and an incredible night life are all waiting for you in Manhattan Beach.

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