Malibu Beach Getaways

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Stretching 27 miles of California's most beautiful shoreline is the city of Malibu. Malibu has been the inspiration and back ground of several Hollywood surfer movies. When the Chumash Indians, who first resided in Malibu, named it Humaliwo, which means "the surf sounds loudly."

The lagoon is where Malibu Creek meets the sea. The Adamson House (a National Historic Landmark) on the property was built in 1929 and is known for its decorative Malibu tiles and custom-built features. The home's seven-car garage has been converted into a museum that features displays about the Native Americans who once inhabited the area. Tours of the house are available. Part of the park, including the famous Surfrider Beach, is operated by Los Angeles County. The beach features 22 acres of coastline, offering surfing and bird watching opportunities as well as fishing off the nearby pier.

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