Gualala Beach Getaways

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Check out the vacation home rentals located in Gualala, as there are almost no other forms of lodging for visitors to the city. Northern California has never looked as good as Gualala! Northern California is home to many small towns and artistic communities, and one that really exemplifies the attitudes and environments of the region is Gualala, located in Mendocino County. Noted for its distinctive Pacific Ocean coastline and nearby wineries, Gualala began as a logging town after the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The metropolis was to be rebuilt, and for that, you'll need building material - so the residents of Gualala logged the massive redwoods to get San Francisco running again. Since then, Gualala is known for its proximity to Sea Ranch, the elegant and beautiful planned community that is a favorite among vacationers to the area.

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