Carlsbad Beach Getaways

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"The Village by the Sea", as it is deemed, Carlsbad is a mix of lovely beaches and a small town that contains much of the same allure and pleasures of beach towns of the past. Carlsbad, CA is located in the North County area of San Diego, some 20 miles up from downtown. Home to the famed legoland, one of San Diego's most well-known attractions, Carlsbad's proximity and climate make it a stop on the itineraries of a fair share of vacationers year round.

Carlsbad State Beach encompasses 14-acres of coastal bluffs and rock and sand beach, approximately 35 miles north of San Diego, California. The park extends along the coast between Batiquitos and Buena Vista Lagoons. Amenities at this small State Beach include restrooms, picnic tables and lifeguards.

Visitors to Carlsbad State Beach can participate in activities on the land and water. Opportunities exist for swimming, scuba diving, surfing, boating, picnicking, walking and fishing.

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