Cambria Beach Getaways

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The city of Cambria, California, is a wonderful city where an artistic culture meets the grandeur and beauty of the American west coast. In cities of this size (less than 10,000 permanent residents), often the best form of lodging is in vacation home rental.

Cambria has all sorts of activities to offer the individual, couple, or family. A scenic boat tour of the bay or a whale watching expedition are two unique ways to enjoy the beautiful waters of the California coast. It is also possible to view the elephant seals during their mating season, which makes for an incredible way to see some impressive wildlife outside of the confines of a zoo! Other wildlife you may see during your stay in Cambria include crabs, sea anemones, starfish, octopus, and sea otters. But Cambria has other dazzling events that take place away from the water's edge, such as the yearly art and wine festivals that are always worth checking out if you are vacation during one. Additionally, the entire area is home to over 30 art galleries, including one of the foremost glass sculpture art galleries in the nation. Hearst Castle, visible from afar due to its placement atop a hill, is a wonderful example of architecture done right. Take a tour or just take some photos, but definitely don't miss this antique mansion. Antique shops, hiking trails, tennis courts, and great surfing locations are just a few of the many amenities that Cambria has to offer. Browse our listings of Cambria vacation home rentals now!

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