Beaver Lake Lake Getaways

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Beaver Lake vacation home rentals are just 15 minutes away from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Covering 70 miles through the Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake is the newest of the Great Lakes of the White River. Over 445 miles of shoreline providing one with the option to fish, catch sun rays, hike, golf, scuba dive, boat, or camp, there is something for everyone to do.

Located in the picturesque Ozark Mountains, Beaver Lake is popular for its excellent fishing opportunities. There are caves and museums nearby. The 11,646 acre Hobbs State Management Area (HSMA) lies on the southern shores of 28,000 acre Beaver Lake and offers undeveloped access to the lake. Beaver Lake State Park, within HSMA, is in its initial development. Approximately 2,400 acres are planned for future park development including camping, cabins, picnicking and educational opportunities.

Beaver Lake is noted for excellent fishing and hunting. The Hobbs State Management Area is open for limited outdoor recreation and nature study. The Management Area includes an all-weather public firing range and regulated seasonal hunting opportunities. Three trails offer 11 miles of hiking and five remote, primitive campsites.