Superstition Lakes Lake Getaways

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Superstition Lakes vacation home rentals are in Mesa, which is part of the greater Phoenix area. When the heat hits the highest point on the thermometer, the only way to survive is to find a body of water. The Great Salt River collects it's human cargo from all over the Phoenix area and offers them the cool of a river experience. There is available, as a commercial venture, inner tubes and a bus ride from the top of the river, just below the dam, and the ensuing 4-6 hour float to the bottom and a bus ride back to your car. The hardier individuals bring their own inner tubes and juggle cars to get to the top. Be sure to bring your waterproof sunscreen.

There are many other attractions in this area including Tortilla Flat and Saguaro Lake. River rafting, hiking, fishing all all up for grabs in this desert environment. A popular folk legend has it that Arizona has the highest population of boats per capita in the entire United States, Weather or not it's true is unknown to this writer but it's a popular "fact" to be bandied about the bars after a days water-skiing.

Located close to the Superstition Wilderness area and having the Salt River, along with Saguaro Lake and Canyon Lake inside it's boundaries, the area makes for an easy get away for the weekend from the crowds in Phoenix. Recreation only exists in the form of camping and hiking. The Superstitions, once you make it to the top are rugged and very dangerous. Care must be taken at all times to literally keep from falling off a cliff. The area is dotted with many canyons that drop down for hundreds of feet in some places. Keeping on the trails will better ensure your safe return to civilization